What’s new in the studio

Autumn greeting card collection released soon. Online catalogue will be available – please send me an email – michaela.laurie1@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/michaelalauriestudio/

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I am so fortunate to be living in the high country of New South Wales in Australia not far from Canberra, our nations capital city. The landscape in this place has pervaded my soul. It is a land of “big” skies and rugged mountains overbrimming with elements of natural beauty formed by a harsh climate. I see this landscape everyday from my home and as I drive in my car. Views formed by windows. Distant hills with their rocky outcrops and weathered gums are distinctly silhouetted against the huge ever changing sky. These views never cease to draw me to them. Early morning and twilight skies, when these same hills, rocks and trees become dark silhouettes, their interior makeup disappearing to create a dramatic view which changes by the minute. The sky, so clear and light during the day becomes a luminous deep pool of colour at day break and night fall. I am fascinated by the layering of colours which create a sense of place. The beginning and end of each day when magic is played out and colours begin their hypnotic dance. No two mornings or afternoons are ever the same. I have been involved in learning and then practicing art for most of my life. Studying Fine Arts at University of Sydney, taking courses in printmaking and painting, working as manager of a gallery in CBD of Sydney and then becoming a full time practicing mixed media artist. My current art practice involves “painting’ with coloured pencils. I love the immediacy of working with pencils - as they are almost like finger painting and allow for a huge variety of mark making possibilities. The waxy consistency of the pencils allows blending, layering and glazing of beautiful rich colour just as when working with paint.

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